• The City Clerk shall be the ex-officio clerk of the City Council and shall keep a complete record of the proceedings of the Council. The City Clerk shall perform all duties required by State law, the Charter and the Council.
  • Serves as the Clerk to the City Commission, records, transcribes and indexes City Commission minutes, administers oaths of office and attends regular and special Commission meetings. Publishes public hearing and meeting notices, ordinances, bid advertisements, and all other legally required notices. 
  • Provides office and counter services including processing of voter registrations, the maintenance of poll lists, and the maintenance of official city records including Commission minutes, resolutions, City ordinances, property records, contracts and other documents. 
  • Conducts national, state and local elections. Plans for, recruits and trains, temporary election workers, and election staffing. 
  • Directs election operations, coordinates the canvas of votes, and oversees recounts. Prepares budget requests for the clerks office, maintains activity records, and coordinate office and election operations with those of related city and county departments. 
  • Serves as custodian of the City Seal and all City records, documents and ordinances. 

Election Information

When it comes time for election, many people have questions such as: Am I registered to vote? How do I go about getting and absentee ballot? How do I become an Election Inspector? Please click here for more information. 

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