The Assessing Department is responsible for establishing assessments on all taxable property in the City for the equitable distribution of the property tax burden in accordance with Michigan's General Property Tax Act. The Assessing Department's responsibilities include creating the annual assessment roll, maintaining property cards, ownership records, property descriptions and parcel maps, processing Personal Property Statements, and inspecting existing property and new construction. 

Proposal A

On March 15, 1994, Michigan voters approved the constitutional amendment known as Proposal A which was designed to limit the growth in property taxes by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) until ownership in the property was transferred. Prior to Proposal A, property taxes were based on the SEV or assessed value of your property. Generally speaking, under the protection of Proposal A, increases in property taxes are limited to the rate of inflation or 5% whichever is less. Exceptions include transfers of ownership, new construction and changes in millage rates. 
Transfer of Ownership 
Under Proposal A, a Property Transfer Affidavit must be filed with the local assessor when there is a transfer of real property even if a deed is not recorded. This form is usually provided by the Title Company in your real estate closing, but many times a transfer of property does not use a Title Company. It is the responsibility of the new owner to file this form with the Assessor within 45 days of the transfer.