Corridor Improvement Authority


The City’s Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA), a board of volunteers appointed by the City Council, recently adopted its second development plan, entitled “Tax Increment Financing Plan #2”. The CIA focuses on the growth, development and physical improvement of the City’s main commercial roads – Red Arrow Highway and Lake Street.  The authority uses property taxes growth to make investments along both roads.  To capture the tax increment, the CIA must develop a plan and then forward it to City Council for approval.  The final plan that was adopted is found below.

The Corridor Improvement Authority of the City of Bridgman (more commonly known as the CIA) was established in 2007 under Public Act 280 of 2005. A CIA allows the use of tax increment financing to make capital improvements within an established commercial district. Corridor Improvement Authorities promote economic development and redevelopment by creating and implementing a development plan.

Pursuant to Bridgman Ordinance 164 of 2007: "An authority shall be under the supervision and control of a Board Trustees (City Council) consisting of the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Bridgman or his or her designee and six (6) members from the Community. Not less than a majority of the members shall be persons having an ownership or business interest in property located in the Development Area. At least one (1) of the members shall be a resident of the Development Area or of an area within 1/2 mile of any part of the Development Area. The Chief Executive Officer or his or her designee shall be appointed annually by the City Council. The rest of the members shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval by the City Council for three-year terms. 


  • Mathew Bizoe
    Term expires October 2026
  • Beth McNeil
    Term expires October 2026
  • Julie Strating
    Term expires October 2024
  • Catherine Worchester
    Term expires October 2024

  • John Murphy
    Term expires October 2023
  • Wayne Hall
    Term expires October 2023
  • Hannah Anderson (City Manager's designee)
    Annual appointment