General and Zoning Ordinances

The General Ordinances are available HERE which cover Administration, Regulation of Conduct, Regulation of Property, Municipal Utilities, Subdivision and Condominium, Franchises, and Special Assessments.  Any amendments to the General Ordinances are available below:

Ordinance 195 - Blight Ordinance
Ordinance 196 - Garage Sale Ordinance
Ordinance 199 - Tall Grass and Weed Ordinance
Ordinance 200 - AEP Franchise Agreement
Ordinance 201 - Adopt 2018 International Fire Code
Ordinance 202 - Adopt 2018 International Property Maintenance Code
Ordinance 203 - Ordinance to Prohibit Marihuana Establishments within the City of Bridgman

The Zoning Ordinance is available HERE which covers Administration, Districts and Maps, Building Types and Facades, Street Space, Parking, Signs, General Provisions, Procedures and Definitions.

Ordinance 197 - Amendment to General Standards of Zoning Ordinance
Ordinance 198 -  Accessory Uses, Buildings and Structures