Building & Zoning

Department Operations

The City of Bridgman Department of Building Safety provides:

  • Building Inspection
  • Planning/Zoning Administration

The department operates by scheduled appointments. The Department of Building Safety is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of City and State codes relating to construction, remodeling, alteration, repair, and demolition of buildings and structures located within the City. Currently the 2015 Michigan Residential Code and 2015 Michigan Building Code are the adopted Construction codes for the administration and enforcement of building safety.  

The purpose of such codes is to provide minimum standards to safeguard public safety, property and welfare by regulating and controlling the many factors involved with development. To ensure that construction work complies with applicable codes, the City requires comprehensive plans for most types of projects and inspections are conducted at periodic stages of the work. 

Boards & Commissions

The Bridgman Planning Commission meets on the third Thursday of each month, as necessary.  

The Bridgman Zoning Board of Appeals meets on the first Thursday of each month, as necessary.