Boards & Commissions

City Council

The City of Bridgman is a City Council and City Manager form of government. The City Council consists of the Mayor and six Council Members elected at large in the City. City Council members are elected to 4 year terms on a staggered schedule.

Planning Commission

The duty of the Planning Commission is to make and adopt a master plan for the physical development of the City of Bridgman, including areas outside its boundaries which affect the planning for the City.

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Michigan Zoning Enabling Act allows the establishment of a Zoning Board of Appeals. The boards principal function is a quasi-judicial one that involves interpreting and implementing the legislative intent of the zoning regulations.

Corridor Improvement Authority

The Corridor Improvement Authority of the City of Bridgman (more commonly known as the CIA) was established in 2007 under Public Act 280 of 2005. A CIA allows the use of tax increment financing to make capital improvements within an established commercial district. Corridor Improvement Authorities promote economic development and redevelopment by creating and implementing a development plan.

Shoreline Resiliency Committee

The Shoreline Resiliency Committee is a hometown team assembled to study and help build resiliency in the face of costal hazards. The Urban Sustainability Directors’ Network, defines resiliency as “The ability of a community to anticipate, accommodate and positively adapt to and thrive amidst changing climate conditions or hazard events and enhance quality of life, reliable systems, economic vitality and conservation for present and future generations.”