"See It, Hear It, Report It”

The Bridgman Police Department consists of (5) full-time Officers, (6) part-time Officers and (4) Reserve Officers who strive to serve and protect our community.

Police Reports


The Bridgman Police Department provides police reports for the actual cost of production pursuant to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act.  Freedom of Information Act Forms are available from a link on our Clerk's Page. All FOIA requests should be clearly marked FOIA request.

Patrol car videos can be requested, however, please be advised that Bridgman Police complies with federal and state laws regarding audible LEIN information. The cost for redacting all LEIN information off of police video by private contractors may exceed $100.00.
All Michigan Traffic Crash UD-10 Reports will not be sold at the police department. These reports are to be purchased online and click on the link for Traffic Crash Purchasing System. The Traffic Crash Reporting System will charge a fee for a copy of the Michigan Traffic Crash Report.

Requests for a Preliminary Breathalyzer Test (PBT)

People requesting our staff to administer a PBT per their probation order will be charged a $5 service fee for each time they request the PBT unless they are a Bridgman City resident.