Water & Sewer Rates Increase

Upcoming Changes

As we leave behind 2019, which marked Bridgman’s 70th anniversary as an incorporated city, and enter 2020, we make a leap forward to strengthen our essential infrastructure. A thorough assessment of the water and sewer system requires us to take action to ensure the proper operation of both systems over the next twenty years. At a recent meeting the Bridgman City Council met the challenge of addressing the issue head on by unanimously voting to establish water and sewer rates that will place both systems on sound financial footing well into the future.  A letter from the City Council regarding the rate increases can be found HERE.  

Old Rate
New Rate
Water/1000 gallon
Water - Ready to Serve
Sewer/1000 gallon
Sewer - Ready to Serve

The new rates effective on March 15, 2020 

Gallon Graphic

Bill Estimate Calculators

Below are two calculators to help you estimate the change in your bill amounts.  There is a calculator for quarterly and monthly customers, so please be aware of which you use. The estimates are based on a 5/8" meter that most residential services use.  

If you have a "WATER ONLY" account or a larger meter please contact City Hall to get an estimate.  

Helpful Hint:  Have your last one or two water bills handy when using the calculators.

During summer 2017, the City as part of a grant, hired a contractor to video the entire sewer system to identify the condition of the sewer lines.  In general our system is in good condition, however a few areas of infiltration were identified.  

The videos show two "gushers" in the lines.  One is in the Rambo Road line, which the City is going to address in 2020.  The other is in the Donna/Vista area and was replaced in 2018 when the City did the street paving project.