Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety

Rules of the Road

Motorist, cyclists and pedestrians all need to follow the rules of the road.  The Police Department continually enforces area speed limits, pedestrian crosswalks and bicycle violations.  The Police Department hopes this enforcement will raise the awareness of motorists so they are more mindful of residents who walk, jog and bike through the city.  The Police Department wants residents who utilize city streets to remember:


- Keep your eyes open for pedestrians walking on interior city streets
- Remember to yield to pedestrians attempting to cross a roadway in a marked crosswalk
- Yield to cyclists as you would to any other vehicle as they must also adhere to the same traffic laws as you do
- Be aware of posted speed limit signs within the city


- Wear reflective and bright colored clothing so that motorists are able to see you
- Cyclists must adhere to the same traffic rules and regulations as a motor vehicle, that means stopping at stop signs and yielding at yield signs
- Do not ride in packs on city streets.  Riding in packs crows streets and creates a safety hazard for both cyclists and motorists
- Utilize the newly striped bike lanes on Lake Street


- Don't assume drivers can see you, always walk on the left side of the road or utilize the sidewalk if available.  This way motorists will not be approaching you from behind.
- Make eye contact with drivers if possible
- Wear reflective clothing or lights at desk or night.  Drivers cannot avoid what they can't see.
- Yield to motorists when crossing a street or road without a crosswalk.  Always utilize a crosswalk if available.