Bridgman Social District  

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  • Social District Hours of Operation: Year-Round, Seven Days a Week, 11AM - 10PM
  • Stay within the Social District boundaries identified on the map.
  • Alcoholic beverages must only be sold to and consumed by adults 21+.
  • Alcoholic beverages consumed within the Social District must be purchased from a Social District license holder.
  • Bringing your own alcohol into the Social District is not permitted.
  • Leaving the Social District with an alcoholic beverage is not permitted.
  • Please pick up after yourself.
  • Please be respectful.
  • All other State of Michigan and City of Bridgman laws apply. Including, but not limited to those prohibiting public intoxication, impaired driving, open containers and serving alcohol to minors.
  • To report a non-emergency concern, please call Bridgman City Hall (269)465-5144.
  • To report an emergency, call 911.
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