How does the Social District work?
The Social District allows customers the flexibility to purchase alcoholic beverages downtown and consume them while walking or sitting within the boundaries of the district. (See map for district boundaries)

This is a perfect opportunity to grab a drink while you wait for availability to dine at a restaurant. It also creates the opportunity for different people in your party to select drinks and food from different restaurants and dine together at the City of Bridgman Courtyard within the Social District. Think of it like a food court.

Where can I sit?
You may eat or consume alcoholic beverages served in designated Social District cups at any City of Bridgman benches and cafe tables found within the boundaries of the Social District. 

Businesses that provide their own cafe seating in front of their business along Lake Street, may permit customers to consume Social District beverages while dining at their tables. (Please ask at individual businesses.)

What types of alcoholic beverages can I purchase to carry around the Social District?
Beer, wine and liquor are allowable drinks when served in a designated Social District cup. Drinks must be purchased from a licensed business within the Social District: Lazy Ballerina

Can I walk anywhere with my drink?
No. You may only walk on public property within the designated Social District boundaries. Leaving the Social District with an alcoholic beverage, or trespassing on private property violates State and local law.