I didn't get my tax bill in the mail, do I have to pay the penalty?

The Treasurer's Office strives continually to ensure accuracy in information on file. However, it is the property owner's responsibility to carefully review all tax statements and/or notices sent by the city. Please examine your statement closely to assure accuracy.

Check your parcel I.D. number before paying your taxes. You are responsible if you pay on the wrong parcel.

Failure to receive your tax bill doesn't relieve you of having to pay penalties. We mail tax bills approximately July 1st and December 1st every year. 

The State courts on numerous occasions have affirmed the fact. In 51 American Jurisprudence, page 838, Section 953, it is stated as follows:

In general it may be said that the law recognizes no excuse for failure of a property owner to pay promptly taxes which have been duly and properly assessed against his property; he is not relieved from the consequence of his delinquency in not paying his taxes because of ignorance of the amount, time or payment or both.There are no provisions to authorize the cancellation of interest on taxes.

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