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Fora limited-time, a free Energy-saving Kit, valued at $45, is available to selectMichigan customers. The LED bulbs and the Advanced Smart Strip in the kit canhelp you save on your energy bill. The kit also includes reusable face masksand hand sanitizer to help keep you and your community safe.* 

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Help with Your Energy Bill

Indiana Michigan Power has payment options that may help you, and we can direct you to agencies that can help customers who meet income and other guidelines. Visit IndianaMichiganPower.com or call 800-311-4634 to learn more about the Payment Assistance programs that may help you with your energy bill.  

Saving Energy. That’s Smart.

Save with these energy-saving products, rebates and discounts.

Save $75 per Year with LEDs

Replace just five light bulbs with LEDs and save $75 a year. Since the average home has about 30 light bulbs, the savings are huge! 

Save about $1.50 per LED with instant rebates at your local store. Look for the I&M logo on the shelf or go to ElectricIdeas.com/Lighting to find a store near you. 

Saving Energy is Smart

It’s easier than ever to have a more comfortable, energy-saving home and help protect the environment. Go to ElectricIdeas.com/Home for energy-saving products, rebates and discounts. Saving Energy. That’s Smart! 

*Indiana Michigan Power Company is pleased to be able to offer you these itemsfor your use and convenience. Please note that the masks are washable andreusable (we recommend washing before first use). These masks are notreplacements for medical grade protective equipment. If you need that type ofequipment, please consult a healthcare professional.

Always remember that using a mask does not replace other recommended measuresto stop the community spread of COVID-19. Please continue to follow CDC andstate and local guidance, practice physical distancing, wash your hands, andrefrain from touching your face.